Naive nobility

Artwork by Ali Wakwak
Artwork by Ali Wakwak made with remnants of the Libyan war

Mother, I had a dream last night

Of angels and devils having a fight

Of broken wings and bent scepters

Of confusion in children’s eyes

A woman was wailing

As her son was failing

To protect the land

The pride

And who died young and naive

Enthusiastically but in lack of faith

The mother prayed every night ever since

Perhaps the God will forgive his sins

Homes were covered in dust

Schools’ doors were shut

The youth was wasted

And the noble purpose of the fight was lost


satisfaction in misery

Artwork by Mattheiu Bourel
Artwork by Mattheiu Bourel

As the sunlight of my life goes through my soul

It refracts

Shows me the path

Teaches me how to gain and when to lose

As I look into the mirror

It reflects

I see the spoils of my mad fights

How miserable I happened to be

Yet how so satisfied

As I close my eyes and listen

I hear music that’s always been playing

Music of sorrow and happiness

Of love and despite

Of you my love and I.

Written in 22.May.2015